War of words between Darrelle Revis and JR Smith on Twitter


Darrelle Revis is not having the best season, and the New York Jets cornerback is proving to be touchy about that reality. In fact, Revis responded to a tweet from Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith on Twitter after Smith threw some shade Revis’ way.

Here’s what Smith tweeted about Revis on Friday:

Revis saw that and responded with a Hall of Fame blast:

Smith then seemingly tried to backpedal and say he was trying to motivate Revis:


Revis is definitely seeing the criticism, and it’s clear it’s getting to him too. Even after Smith tried to backpedal, Revis got in one final dig: 

Some may say what goes around comes around and that this is payback for Revis talking trash for years when he was on top of his game.