Tom Brady nixes a future in coaching, blames lack of patience

We know, you were desperately wondering what the ultra-rich and ultra-successful Tom Brady would do for his life after football, right?

Well, for those of you who were worried or curious, you can cross off becoming a football coach from that list.

At least according to Brady himself, who told a group of Bills reporters during a conference call that he doesn’t have a future in coaching following his playing days because of his lack of patience.

“Coaching wouldn’t be for me,” Brady said on a conference call with Bills writers. “No, certainly not. I like playing. I wouldn’t be a good coach. I don’t have the patience to be a coach.”

It shouldn’t be surprising, as Brady has long been known as a fashion guy and likely interested in an acting career following his playing days.

Lord knows he could probably do well as a coach. After all, he has probably learned a trick or two from Bill Belichick, the only head coach he’s had during his NFL career.

Brady is likely thinking more and more about his future outside of the league these days. At 39 years old, age or injury is likely to creep up on Brady sooner or later, despite his assertion that he could play for another decade.

Perhaps another Super Bowl championship ring or two would also sweeten the pot towards retirement.

But given Brady’s relationship with the league office after the fight over Deflategate, can anyone really fault Brady for not wanting any part of coaching in the league?

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