Sarah Silverman Almost Died From Scary Disease She Mistook For A Sore...

Sarah Silverman Almost Died From Scary Disease She Mistook For A Sore Throat



Sarah Silverman took to her Facebook account Wednesday to reveal that she spent the last week hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai for what she thought was a sore throat, but what turned out to be potentially deadly disease!

“I am insanely lucky to be alive. Don’t even know why I went to the doctor, it was just a sore throat. But I had a freak case of epiglottis,” she wrote. Epiglottis is an inflammation of the flap at the bottom of the tongue that stops food from falling into the windpipe.

The 45-year-old lost her mother and two close friends this year, and her brush with death gave her pause for thought. “There’s something that happens when three people you’re so close to die within a year and then YOU almost die but don’t. (That was me. I’m the one that didn’t die.) It’s a strange dichotomy between, ‘Why me?’ and the other, ‘Why me?'” she continued.

The situation was so grave that she had to be intubated, and she woke up five days later totally baffled at what happened to her.

“They couldn’t put me fully to sleep for the recovery process because my blood pressure’s too low. I was drugged just enough to not feel the pain and have no idea what was happening or where I was. They had to have my hands restrained to keep me from pulling out my breathing tube. My friend Stephanie said I kept writing ‘was I in an accident?'” she explained.

Ultimately, the brunette beauty’s ordeal gave her a new outlook on life.

“When I woke up five days later I didn’t remember anything. I thanked everyone at the ICU for my life, went home, and then slowly as the opiates faded away, remembered the trauma of the surgery & spent the first two days home kind of free-falling from the meds/lack of meds and the paralyzing realization that nothing matters. Luckily that was followed by the motivating revelation that nothing matters,” she concluded.

We’re glad you’re ok, Miss Silverman!

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