Report: Maddox Refuses To See Dad Brad Pitt

Report: Maddox Refuses To See Dad Brad Pitt


This isn’t good.

Brad Pitt reunited with his children on October 8 after a lengthy separation following Angelina Jolie’s divorce filing in mid-September, but eldest son Maddox didn’t want any part of it and skipped the reunion!

“He chose not to go and stayed with Angie,” a source dished to Us Weekly. Apparently, the 15-year-old didn’t miss much. “It wasn’t full of joy and happiness,” the source added.

The visit was monitored by a therapist, and the brood went to counseling beforehand to prep for the emotional day. “He wanted to make sure the meeting would be the most productive for the kids. He and Angie agreed on steps that needed to be completed. He wanted to wait until the timing was best,” the source explained.

It sounds like Mad’s feelings about his father are unlikely to change anytime soon, too! And according to California law, once a child is over the age of 14, they get to decide which parent they want to live with in a custody situation. “Maddox is very close with Angie. He doesn’t really see himself as Brad’s son. Maddox never wants to see Brad again,” a source close to the Oscar-winning actress revealed.

This whole mess has to be beyond painful for the World War Z star!

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