Mariah Carey Refuses To Leave James Packer’s Home, Makes More Outrageous Demands

Mariah Carey Refuses To Leave James Packer’s Home, Makes More Outrageous Demands


Mariah Carey was ordered to get out of the Beverly Hills mansion she’s been sharing with her now ex-fiancé James Packer — but she ain’t leaving! The diva is demanding that the billionaire buy her a house in Los Angeles, among other things like asking for $50 million, as part of a break-up settlement — which is apparently a thing now!

Does someone want to remind the big-voiced star that she has already has a home in New York?!

Oddly enough, a new report claims that the 46-year-old singer, who partied the weekend away with a new boytoy back-up dancer, isn’t blaming Packer for the break up (umm that’s news to us!), but she blames former Scientology boss Tommy Davis, according to TMZ‘s Mariah sources.

Apparently, the singer believes Davis has been influencing Packer, who has been acting differently ever since he’s been talking to Davis. The “Sweet Fantasy” singer believes Davis poisoned their relationship because he’s complained to Packer that the Australian was spending too much on gifts for the extravagant star.

Sounds like Davis was just being a voice of reason!

Other sources claim that the businessman brought Davis into the fold to help curb wasteful spending — and he was quick to point out that his gifts on Mimi were a big source of financial over spending. Looks like the situation became very contentious between Davis and Mariah’s manager Stella. Previously, it had been reported that the split happened after there was an incident on a yacht in Greece between Packer and Carey’s assistant.

It’s also believed that Carey is demanding $50 million from Packer, due to the fact that she relocated her family to Los Angeles to be with him and because she cancelled the South American leg of her tour because she was so upset after the break up and thereby lost revenue.

Packer is expected to respond to Mariah’s demand today.

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