Kylie Jenner Gives Us A Peek At Her Nearly Naked Face —...

Kylie Jenner Gives Us A Peek At Her Nearly Naked Face — And Freckles!


Kylie Jenner should go au naturel more often!

On Friday the reality starlet, who turned 19 last week, shared a selfie on Instagram, and though she is wearing some eye makeup, the rest of her face is totally bare — and absolutely beautiful. Not only is her skin flawless, but we’re loving her freckles. Now, if only we could convince her to go easy on the lip fillers…

Kylie, who is currently celebrating her birthday by the beach in Turks and Caicos with a handful of girlfriends, captioned the shot, “Saw someone comment why I don’t embrace my freckles anymore. So here’s a freckle appreciation post.” This seems like way less effort than her usual makeup routine, which she documented last month. In a clip posted on her app, Kylie is seen mixing two different foundations, filling in her eyebrows, lining her lips and finally topping them off with a healthy helping of lip gloss from her Kylie cosmetics line.

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