Gavin Rossdale says sons would be 'crazy' to pursue music


March 22 (UPI) — Gavin Rossdale says his sons would be “crazy” to pursue a career in music.

The 51-year-old Bush frontman admitted on Monday’s episode of the ITV series This Morning that he would “never” encourage his three kids with ex-wife Gwen Stefani to find a job in the entertainment industry.

“You’ve got to be crazy to have a career in music,” Rossdale said. “I would never say that. I’d say go into tech, do something like that.”

“I have so many children that it’s my responsibility to make them so they contribute to society as opposed to take away from society,” he added. “Whatever they do is fine by me. They’ve just got to be positive, cool people — that’s all I care about.”

Rossdale shares 10-year-old Kingston, 8-year-old Zuma and 3-year-old Apollo with Stefani, and is also dad to 28-year-old daughter Daisy with Pearl Lowe. He and Stefani split in 2015 after nearly 13 years of marriage.

“We’ve been through that, and this is a new day,” the singer said of his divorce in the March 3 issue of People.

“I just think that life is really complex, and it just works its way,” he mused. “It’s just the way that it goes sometimes, and it’s sad. I think that 20 years and three amazing children is quite incredible in and of itself.”

“Raising three boys is [my] No. 1 [priority], then music comes right after them,” the star added. “[Gwen and I] both just want the kids to be as safe and happy as possible, so that’s the only focus we have.”

Rossdale last released the album Black and White Rainbows with Bush this month. The album includes the singles “Mad Love,” “Lost in You” and “The Beat of Your Heart.”