Cricketer RP Singh’s Rude Behavior Caught On Camera, Throws Fan’s Mobile Phone On The Ground


Indian cricketer RP Singh might not have a place in the current Indian cricket team. However, there is no denying the fact that he had a great season playing for his home team Gujarat. RP Singh was instrumental in helping Gujarat win the Ranji Trophy this season. While Singh excelled in his professional commitments, there have been several reports of the player allegedly displaying bad behavior – especially while interacting with his fans. In a recent video clip that has started to go viral as we publish this post, RP Singh was seen behaving rudely with a fan. In the video posted below, RP Singh’s appalling behavior was caught on camera by a spectator who later uploaded the clip to YouTube.

While it is not clear when the incident happened, a report by DNA said that the incident was from an earlier match played at Indore. RP Singh was fielding close to the boundary ropes when he was approached by a group of young spectators for autographs and selfies. All the fans seem to be young spectators. At the start of the video, RP Singh could be seen going back to the field after signing autographs. Later, he is seen coming back to the fence with an expressionless face. As the young spectators shout out to him for a selfie, Singh, without warning snatches a phone from the hands of one of the spectators and throws it onto the ground before going back to the field. Watch the video below.

At this time, it is unclear as to what happened after the phone was snatched away. However, the clip has been viewed by thousands of people across the cricket-crazy nation of India. Needless to say, RP Singh’s seemingly rude behavior has resulted in him coming under heavy criticism even from his own fans. As we file this story, there are several posts on social media websites ridiculing Singh’s behavior. RP Singh, who took to Twitter to announce his team’s victory in the Ranji Trophy finals found himself being heavily criticized for his behavior on the field.

Some of the comments made by fans on Facebook read as follows.

“Didn’t expect this kind of stuff from an Indian player. RP Singh has played handful of matches under MS Dhoni. However, he doesn’t seem to have learned anything from him.”

Singh also found some support. A commenter on a Facebook thread claimed that the video was edited to show RP Singh to be arrogant and rude. The person claimed that RP Singh threw the phone away because play had started on the field and the bowler was running into bowl a delivery. The commenter went on to claim that RP Singh came back and did eventually take the selfie.

The comment read as follows.

“He took the phone to take selfie. Suddenly the bowler started the run-up. So, he put the phone down and went near the boundary. Later came back took the selfie and returned the phone.”

Meanwhile, there are also reports that before his phone-throwing tantrum was recorded on video, he was also caught showing his middle finger to the fans. It remains to be seen whether the BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India) takes note of the video and decides to take disciplinary action against Singh. Several fans have already started demanding severe punishment for Singh after the video went viral.

RP Singh was born on December 6, 1985, and has represented India in several Test, One Day International, and Twenty20 International matches. He is a left arm fast-medium bowler who has been out of the national squad for some time now. Singh played his last International match back in September 2011.

[Featured image by Tom Hevezi/ AP Images]