Case Keenum on benching: ‘I am a captain on this team’


After struggling through the first nine games of the season, the Los Angeles Rams finally made the decision to bench Case Keenum in favor of rookie No. 1 pick Jared Goff.

While most of the focus has been on the elevation of Goff to the starting quarterback position, Keenum himself spoke up about his feelings on the move. He didn’t hold back.

“I wasn’t happy. You know, I want to play. That’s why I play football. Is to play quarterback. To be the guy with the ball in his hands, Keenum said. “So, with that being said, I trust coach (Jeff) Fisher, I trust coaches and their decision. I’m a leader, I am a captain on this team.”

That’s actually a very healthy response to what has to be considered a bad couple days for Keenum. But the fact that he’s pointing to being captain seems to suggest that the Rams have not necessarily committed to Goff for the remainder of the season.

There was a report out earlier on Wednesday indicating that some within the organization are concerned about Goff’s readiness to play. The fact that Keenum is no longer the starter but remains a captain should tell us a story of a team that’s not committed to its No. 1 pick. After all, starting quarterbacks tend to be team captains around the NFL.